Worth Township, Butler County, PA


Residents are reminded to avoid planting trees and shrubs on the road right-of-way. The usual right of way is 33 feet, although there are some variations. The easiest way to find the edge of the right of way is to measure 16 1/2 feet from the center of the cart way of the road. If shrubs or trees are in or overhang the right of way the Township can mow them down or you may be asked to remove those plants. Remember that the cute little seedling planted today can turn into the monster pine hanging over the road or blocking your view from your driveway. Right of ways are mowed to control vegetation for safe sight distances and to reduce the instances of trees falling on the cart way during storms.

If you have questions about any particular tree along the road on your property, call the road crew  at 724-368-3547. They would rather talk to you now than have to push your tree of the road at night or during a snow storm.